Columbia Community Care

Connecting our community during the COVID-19 crisis

Important Announcement #1

I wanted to give an update about CCC’s home delivery service. Through today, we have made 12,328 home deliveries to families in Howard County! This was only possible because of the dedication and love of our volunteers like all of you. New Hope Church, our current pantry, is returning to regular church operations, and therefore the last day they will serve as our pantry is this Saturday, August 28th. There are no words to express our gratitude to the heart, soul, and hard work Sandra Hartz and Jeff Hartz put into maintaining the pantry space! They have been such a blessing to our community! CCC has been, and is still searching for a space to serve as our pantry space so we can continue our delivery service operations. Until we secure a space, our home delivery service is on pause after this Saturday. I don’t think its even possible to put into words how thankful I am for each and every one of you. I know the shopper volunteer position and the translator volunteer position can be stressful, time consuming, and physically straining, but so many of you stepped up and did what was necessary to support our community members and families. My heart is full and I am forever grateful to you.
Peace and so much love,
Erika Chavarria

Important Announcement #2

The CCC sites will be closed the week of Labor Day, Sunday September 5-11.  That will mean our sites will not open on Wednesday 9/8 or Saturday 9/11.  There are no signups created for those 2 days. has been updated with dates through October 30, 2021.  As of right now, with the return of school, we will only have sites operating on Saturdays starting 9/18/21.  We will watch our site numbers and determine if changes to hours and days are needed after that.  Thank you for all your time and energy in keeping our community fed and supported this summer!  We love our volunteers and the people we serve!!

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